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Multitool Linux: Practical Uses for Open Source Software


This resource-packed guide delivers pragmatic solutions for real-world Linux development needs—all using open-source software tools. Viewing Linux as a well-stocked toolbox, Multitool Linux shows programmers and sophisticated users how to create a wide variety of exciting and useful applications for business and entertainment, from speech synthesis and video production to network security.

The book begins with a general introduction to Linux and a look at working with its source code. A wide variety of programming projects—encompassing communications, privacy, music and audio, graphics, photography, and much more—are then explored in-depth. Each chapter is filled with examples, helpful screenshots, step-by-step tutorials, lists of open-source tools, and URLs for sites where those tools can be obtained for free.

Many of the tools discussed in the book will work not only with Linux, but with any flavor of UNIX—from FreeBSD up to expensive, proprietary versions of UNIX running on high-speed massively parallel hardware.

Multitool Linux shows you how to:

  • Control your computer remotely, from anywhere, at anytime, with any operating system
  • Run a whole network with one IP address
  • Communicate with Windows networks using Samba (SMB)
  • Extend Apache
  • Build a secure Webmail service supporting IMAP and SSL
  • Secure e-mail with GPG
  • Integrate your palm-connected organizer
  • Process images with GIMP and Imagemagick
  • And much more
  • If you want to learn how to install and operate Linux, look to other books and manuals. But if you have installed the software and are asking the question, "Now what?" Multitool Linux provides valuable and entertaining answers.

    About the Author

    Michael Schwarz has worked as a UNIX system programmer for more than fifteen years and as a Linux programmer since its emergence. He started the SASi open source project, and has been a frequent contributor to Linux Journal.

    Peter Curtis is a Web applications designer for HealthPartners, a Minnesota HMO, where he runs a combined Linux and Windows network. He has extensive experience as a UNIX, Perl, C/C++, and Java programmer.


    Steven Murphy is a UNIX and Linux programmer for HealthPartners. He is also a professional musician who uses Linux in his various musical and video editing tasks.

    Jeremy Anderson teaches UNIX classes at Hennepin Technical College. He has expertise in UNIX, Linux, Perl, C/C++, and Java programming.

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