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Perfect Phrases for Setting Performance Goals : Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Goals for Any Performance Plan or Review


Set Effective Performance Goals for Your People--Just Look Up the Right Phrase!

In their previously published, top-selling book Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews, Robert Bacal and Douglas Max described past employee performance. In Perfect Phrases for Setting Performance Goals, Bacal and Max go a step further with hundreds of precisely-worded future performance goals. Use these "perfect phrases" in the context of an annual performance review to let your people know what is expected of them in the coming year, or use them in regular "performance planning" meetings to:

  • Focus your people on the most important parts of their jobs.
  • Clearly communicate your expectations
  • Align employee goals with organizational priorities
  • Improve productivity and morale in the workplace
  • Reduce disagreements during performance reviews
  • Raise the bar for performance

You will find ready-to-use performance goals for both managers and employees, in many categories including sales and profit goals, quality and productivity goals, on-time performance personal development goals, and much more. This practical job aid makes it easy for managers to raise the performance bar, and focus their people on the organization's top priorities.

About the Author

Douglas Max is managing director of LR Communications, a firm that conducts on-site seminars in writing and presentation skills. He lives in Berkley Heights, New Jersey.

Robert Bacal is author of Managing Performance and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Consulting. His performance management website, work911.com, is visited by thousands of people every month. He lives in Winnipeg.

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