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Practical TCP/IP: Designing, Using, and Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks on Linux(R) and Windows(R)

Practical TCP/IP is the only book you need to ensure that your networks work. With this book you learn by doing as well as reading. Split into 4 Parts, this book has a unique modular approach that facilitates in-depth and easy learning. The detailed appendices make this a desktop book you cannot be without.

Based on years of practical experience this hands-on book explains the principles of networking, and the TCP/IP protocols in depth. Covering both Linux and Windows, Practical TCP/IP is applicable to just about any network.

Skills you will learn

  • Tells you how to build a network
  • Starts with a simple two-machine network and goes onto a full network connected to the Internet with a firewall and internal routers, and DNS and e-mail servers.
  • Explains the software tools you need to diagnose problems and to understand how your network is operating
  • Explains why you would want to do things as well as how to do them
  • Includes practical troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques that you can apply just about everywhere so you can solve problems in your own network and in systems configured by others
  • Assumes that things may go wrong rather than work first time. So error messages are explained and solutions to problems found.
  • Ties together the various networking components so that the network is viewed as a whole not just disjointed pieces.

After reading this book you end up with a working network, you understand what is happening at a detailed level, the ability to diagnose and fix problems, and to identify bugs in the software you are using.

This book appeals to both beginners and experienced TCP/IP practitioners.

About the Author

Niall Mansfield graduated from Trinity College, Dublin with an MA in physics and maths. He has been working in a UNIX environment since 1987 and founded the European X window system User Group. In 1992 he founded UIT who specialize in UNIX tools, e-mail systems and Internet security. He is still very involved with training and consultancy, running tailored networking courses, designing and installing Ethernet and wireless networks and providing Internet security and firewall systems.

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