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Real World Linux Security (2nd Edition)



Stop today's most vicious Internet attackers—right in their tracks!

Your Linux system will be attacked: maybe in minutes, certainly in days. Be ready! Real World Linux Security, Second Edition brings together state-of-the-art solutions and exclusive software for safeguarding any Linux-based system or network, and fighting off any intrusion. Top Linux security consultant Bob Toxen has thoroughly revamped this definitive guide to reflect today's most vicious Internet attacks—and arm you with breakthrough resources for protecting yourself!

  • Surprising new IP Tables research every netadmin must know about
  • New techniques and software for detecting and blocking ARP and Switch attacks
  • Important enhancements to Linux-based adaptive firewalls
  • Thoroughly revised coverage of Samba security for Windows clients
  • 802.11b wireless networks security
  • How to make the most of Logcheck, Portsentry, and other new monitoring tools
  • VPN and instant messaging security, GNU Privacy Guard, 2.4 kernel issues, and much more
  • Includes all-new chapter on physical security
  • Reviewed by some of the world's leading Linux security experts!
Web Site

The accompanying web site contains the author's own state-of-the-art software for instantly locking out hackers and alerting system administrators. The website contents also include exclusive IP Tables and IP Chains firewall scripts (rule sets), as well as powerful new tools for monitoring network health, detecting and reporting suspicious activities, securing backups, simplifying recovery, and much more.


About the Author
BOB TOXEN has 28 years of UNIX/Linux experience. One of the 162 recognized developers of Berkeley UNIX, he learned about security as a student at UC Berkeley, where he cracked several of the original UNIX systems there. He is now President of Fly-By-Day Consulting, specializing in Linux and network security, firewalls, VPNs, 24x7 network monitoring, response, and administration for clients worldwide. In 2002, his recommendations were included in a report on improving U.S. intelligence that was presented to President Bush at the President's request. Toxen currently works with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to combat bioterrorism.

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