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SignalR: Real-time Application Development


As a .NET developer, you won't want to be left behind in the trend towards real-time applications. This book brings you up to speed in no time with a comprehensive guide to the SignalR framework.


  • Develop real-time applications across numerous platforms
  • Create scalable applications that are ready for cloud deployment
  • Utilize the full potential of SignalR

In Detail

Real-time development is one of the fastest growing trends in application development. Users want their data there and then with no delay. This used to be near impossible to achieve but with new frameworks it is becoming more and more accessible. SignalR is a .NET framework that allows you to include this powerful technique into any of your applications in next to no time.

SignalR: Real-time Application Development is a hands-on, step-by-step guide that will take you from the basics of SignalR to more advanced techniques, such as making your application cloud ready and making it scalable. If you want your applications to be enterprise grade then SignalR, together with this book, is the only answer.

Taking you from your app concept to app creation, this book will help you take advantage of SignalR’s impressive features. Throughout the book you will be developing a chat application that will not only work online but will also work on Windows 8. You will start with the basics of SignalR and be led through more advanced techniques, chapter by chapter. By the end of the book you will not only be comfortable writing simple applications with SignalR, but with enterprise cloud applications as well.

What you will learn from this book

  • Utilize persistent connections
  • Build hubs
  • Create Windows 8 Store applications
  • Incorporate metadata into messaging
  • Develop real-time .net applications
  • Makes use of Redis for cloud development


This step-by-step guide gives you practical advice, tips, and tricks that will have you writing real-time apps quickly and easily.

Who this book is written for

If you are a .NET developer who wants to be at the cutting edge of development, then this book is for you. Real-time application development is made simple in this guide, so as long as you have basic knowledge of .NET, a copy of Visual Studio, and NuGet installed, you are ready to go.

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