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The Lemonade Stall: How to test and validate ideas - a story and workbook (Creating Products and Services)


A real-world workbook to taking a more structured approach to building a business that will succeed.

One of the worst crimes in business today is wasting time creating products and services that nobody wants. Fortunately, there is a more structured, scientific, measurable alternative.

Creating what you think your customers want, building what your stakeholders tell you is needed or just stabbing in the dark is a common approach to product development. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could put some more structure in place?

It’s a situation that author David Lowe, a business coach and trainer, knows all too well. Lowe has helped hundreds of individuals, teams and organisations learn how to use agile approaches in the real world through coaching and training. Now, in The Lemonade Stall, he distils the common problems and mistakes found when organisations try to build products and services, then layers on easy-to-understand solutions and over 40 exercises to help guide readers to a more successful future.

You should read this book if...

  • You are involved in creating products and services
  • You want to be able to validate ideas that customers or stakeholders propose
  • You have spent time working on initiatives that don’t have a clear purpose or goal
  • You have ever wondered whether you are achieving the desired results from the products and services you are building
  • You want to reduce risk and minimise waste

Using proven techniques refined through working with a wide range of clients across many industries (including Ford, Ministry of Justice, NHS, John Lewis and Shelter), Lowe uses the power of storytelling to introduce the basic concepts of hypothesis-led development and User-Centred Design, then challenges your thinking with a variety of thought-provoking exercises.

Written as a light-hearted fictional story, The Lemonade Stall follows three school friends desperately trying to be part of their local community. Their initial vision of a lemonade stall quickly falls into doubt but they are determined not to be beaten. Using a scientific approach learned at school, the girls try to quickly evolve their business.

Join them on their journey to learn:

  • What the scientific method can do for you
  • How you can cut wasted time and minimise the risk of failure
  • Why you should focus on outcomes rather than outputs
  • How hypotheses can help you frame stakeholder requests and measure their impact
  • How to engage your customers so you can create better products and services
  • The key steps for testing your products and services
  • How to apply these ideas in the real world, using over 40 exercises

The Lemonade Stall reveals how a structured and inquisitive approach to developing products and services can benefit you and your organisation.

Get this quick, practical and insightful book today to start your journey towards a more successful future. Scroll up and click 'buy now'!

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