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Ubuntu Linux Toolbox: 1000+ Commands for Ubuntu and Debian Power Users


Explore a ton of powerful Ubuntu Linux commands

This handy, compact guide teaches you to use Ubuntu Linux as the experts do: from the command line. Try out over 1000 commands to find and get software, monitor system health and security, and access network resources. Apply skills you learn from this book to use and administer desktops and servers running Ubuntu, Debian, and KNOPPIX or any other Linux distribution.

Expand your Linux expertise in these and other areas:

  • Using the shell

  • Finding online software

  • Working with files

  • Playing with music and images

  • Administering file systems

  • Backing up data

  • Checking and managing running processes

  • Accessing network resources

  • Handling remote system administration

  • Locking down security

About the Author

Christopher Negus
is the author of the bestselling Fedora and Red Hat Linux Bibles, Linux Toys II, Linux Troubleshooting Bible, and Linux Bible 2008 Edition. He is a member of the Madison Linux Users Group. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Chris served for eight years on development teams for the Unix operating system at AT&T, where Unix was created and developed. He also worked with Novell on Unix development and Caldera.

Francois Caen hosts and manages business application infrastructures, through his company Turbosphere LLC. As an open-source advocate, he has lectured on OSS network management and Internet services, and served as president of the Tacoma Linux User Group. FranÇois is a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE).

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