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UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language (2nd Edition)

Now widely adopted as the de facto industry standard and sanctioned by the
Object Management Group, the Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a notation
all software developers need to know and understand. However, the UML is a big
language, and not all of it is equally important. The award-winning first edition of
UML Distilled was widely praised for being a concise guide to the core parts of the
UML and has proved extremely successful in helping developers get up and
running quickly. UML Distilled, Second Edition, maintains the concise format
with significantly updated coverage of use cases and activity diagrams, and
expanded coverage of collaborations. It also includes a new appendix detailing the
changes between UML versions.

Written for those with a basic understanding of object-oriented analysis and
design, this book begins with a summary of UML's history, development, and
rationale and then moves into a discussion of how the UML can be integrated into
the object-oriented development process. The primary author profiles the various
modeling techniques in the UML--such as use cases, class diagrams, and
interaction diagrams--and describes the notation and semantics clearly and
succinctly. He also outlines useful non-UML techniques such as CRC cards and
patterns. These descriptions are made even more relevant with a collection of best
practices based on the primary author's experience and a brief Java programming
example demonstrating the implementation of a UML-based design. With this tour
of the key parts of the UML, readers will be left with a firm foundation upon
which to build models and develop further knowledge of the Unified Modeling
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Handbook of Food Factory Design
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The DAM Book : Digital Asset Management for Photographers

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