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Unboxing Android USB: A hands on approach with real world examples


If you are a multimedia developer on Android platform you need USB for media transfer or playback audio. This book explores MTP and USB Audio in both USB device and USB host mode.

If you are an core developer who work on charging you need to understand USB charging specification which is explained in the book,

If you are a networking developer interested in tethering, USB plays a role using RNDIS specification which is explained in the book

If you are an application developer interested in managing USB devices in from an Android platform, this book explores Android USB Service framework which manages USB functionalities

Last not the least, Android Debug Bridge (ADB) the debugging tool of Android is over USB and knowledge of its internals is a define value add for any application or platform developer.  This book details the internal of ABD till the kernel level.

Thus this book covers everything about USB on Android from different USB Classes supported in device mode to the USB host framework that manages USB device connected to an Android platform. Each chapter will explain USB class specification before exploring how the functionality (class) is implemented in Android. This gives a clean perspective for you as a reader on what the USB specification demands and how it implemented in Android.

What you'll learn

  • Understand Android USB framework from APIs to the kernel layer and enable advance USB application development.
  • Learn all major USB functionalities by exploring the USB Class specification not covered in any of the USB books
  • Learn the newly introduced Android Open Accessory (AOA) Protocol and explore developing NFC reader using AOA protocol.
  • Learn critical changes in the Android USB framework between different Android versions.
  • Learn how USB charging works with explanation from the USB Battery Specification.
  • Learn how to switch between MTP to Mass Storage and vice versa to share storage to host PC.

Who this book is for

  • The primary audiences of this book are application developers and engineers who do hands on work with Android.  This book is for an application developer who has an APP idea with USB and wonders how to implement it. This book will be a definite guide for the developer and help him/her to manage USB on Android.
  • With the book covering from APIs to the Linux kernel, core platform developers finds it easy to put data point to debug. Thus core Android platform developers working on USB, Audio, media and others are the next primary audiences of the book.
  • Technical Managers or Architects or senior managers who look for eagle eye view of a system, are the secondary audiences of the book. The book will enable them to understand the different blocks of the Android USB subsystem and would help plan and estimate complexity involved.
  • Student and engineers can use this book as a do it yourself reference book as the book explains different blocks the Android USB framework from application level to the kernel. Students can use similar study approach to similar Android framework.
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