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Visual Effects in A Digital World: A Comprehensive Glossary of over 7,000 Visual Effects Terms

"Extensive, exhaustive, complete...Half the terms I didn't know! Every studio exec, director, producer, student and journalist should read this book cover to cover!"
Scott Ross, Co-Founder/CEO, Digital Domain

"An indispensable tool for anyone working in the visual effects medium today."
Marty Cohen, Post Production Executive, DreamWorks

"Karen has put together what will soon be referred to as the 'FX terminology bible.' Amazingly comprehensive and, as books go, a whole lot of words and very, very heavy."
Steve Oedekerk, Director

Visual Effects in a Digital World is a comprehensive guide to visual effects terms and techniques that serves as a valuable resource for both novice and professional filmmakers from different generations, disciplines, and even different continents to be able to speak the same language. Written by award-winning visual effects expert Karen Goulekas, Visual Effects in a Digital World consolidates the knowledge of this rapidly expanding industry into a manageable, accessible reference guide. Covering over 7,000 visual effects terms and providing 177 accompanying illustrations, Goulekas has written what Visual Effects Producer Fiona Stone called "a comprehensive reference book for the modern-day film industry" and "an invaluable resource for the novice and experienced filmmaker alike."


*16 pages of color from blockbuster films to illustrate definitions of terms

*Covers topics such as computer graphics, digital compositing, live action, stage, and miniature photography, and a wide range of computer and Internet concepts

*Offers job descriptions for positions found throughout the industry

*Demystifies the jargon used by practitioners in every subspecialty

About the Author

Karen Goulekas is an award-winning visual effects supervisor for feature films in Los Angelas working with Dreamworks Studio and Pacific Data Images, a leader in the computer generated visual effects field. Her work has been acknolwdged by the following awards; British Academy Award for Luc Bresson's film "The Fifth Element", two Emmy Awards for graphic design and anumation for NBC's Barcelona Summers Games of the XXV Olympiad, the Them Park Best Attraction Award for Jim Cameron's 3D stereo film "T23D" and an INternational Monitor Award for her commercial work on "Checy Longroad."

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