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XML by Example

XML by Example, 9780789722423 (0789722429), Que, 1999
XML by Example is intended for people with some basic HTML coding experience.
If you can write a simple HTML page and if you know the main tags (such
as <P>, <TITLE>, <H1>), you know enough HTML to understand this book. You
don’t need to be an expert, however.
Some advanced techniques introduced in the second half of the book (Chapter 7
and later) require experience with scripting and JavaScript. You need to understand
loops, variables, functions, and objects for these chapters. Remember
these are advanced techniques, so even if you are not yet a JavaScript wizard,
you can pick up many valuable techniques in the book.
This book is for you if one of the following statements is true:
• You are an HTML whiz and want to move to the next level in
Internet publishing.
• You publish a large or dynamic document base on the Web, on CDROM,
in print, or by using a combination of these media, and you
have heard XML can simplify your publishing efforts.
• You are a Web developer, so you know Java, JavaScript, or CGI
inside out, and you have heard that XML is simple and enables
you to do many cool things.
• You are active in electronic commerce or in EDI and you want to
learn what XML has to offer to your specialty.
• You use software from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Corel, Sun, or any of
the other hundreds of companies that have added XML to their products,
and you need to understand how to make the best of it.
You don’t need to know anything about SGML (a precursor to XML) to understand
XML by Example. You don’t need to limit yourself to publishing; XML by
Example introduces you to all applications of XML, including publishing and
nonpublishing applications.
(HTML tags aren't allowed.)

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