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Yammer Starter

Yammer Starter, 9781849694049 (1849694044), Packt Publishing, 2012
Welcome to the Yammer Starter. This book has been especially created to provide you with all the information that you need to get set up with Yammer. You will learn the basics of Yammer, get started with building your profile, and discover some tips and tricks for using Yammer.

A concise, enjoyable look at using Yammer, the secure, fun-to-use private social network for your company, now from Microsoft

  • Share what you're doing, post announcements, congratulate people, link to documents or interesting websites, make files available, ask or answer questions, and put up photos, polls, events, and more
  • Learn the ways to create a dedicated team workspace for any project, department, or topic and collaborate on documents in real-time with multiple authors, store large files, manage versions, and make content available across the company.
  • Get up to speed using Yammer with the author of over 100 books who knows how to give you all the information needed in an easy and entertaining manner.

In Detail

Yammer is the private and fun way to collaborate, plan, and keep up with co-workers.

Just about all of us either use or know about social media networks– Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more, which are all simple-to-use, popular, and satisfying.

Yammer is just that, a social network but with one huge difference. It's only for your company and it is private and secure.

In the "Yammer Starter", we explore how Yammer operates and the many exciting ways in which it helps your company and you. This book will also show you how to get more out of Yammer and join in all the contributing and other fun things going on. We will keep it all simple, use lots of helpful illustrations, and include useful examples of how Yammer works. You’ll learn quickly and have fun doing it.

The "Yammer Starter" leads you gently from the activities you do most (connecting with people, sharing content, networking with clients/customers) through the tasks you might do less (administrative, technical).

The "Yammer Starter" introduces you to what Yammer is and how it works. It shows you how to collaborate with the people across your company as well as in specific departments and local workgroups. You will learn how groups are created to get work done more efficiently, how to tap into your company's "collective brain", and the many ways Yammer lets us share content. You will be able to master creating networks to communicate with outside clients, customers, vendors, etc. Armed with your smartphones, you will find how all of the power of your company's social network goes wherever you go. You will also find explanations for all the administrative tasks, how to get additional features in Yammer, and more, for those who need it.

What you will learn from this book

  • Set up Yammer, if it is not already in place, and configure Yammer for the company as well as secure Yammer
  • Join your company's Yammer network and activate your personal account
  • Share posts, and set up automatic delivery of relevant conversations and other information
  • Maximize Yammer for the growth of your career and your company.
  • Create groups, tap into your company's collective brain, obtain consensus, and manage strategy for using groups and Yammer in general.
  • Share media such as photographs and videos with appropriate people and learn how to send your content only to a specific group
  • Collaborate with important business contacts like customers, partners, and vendors and increase business by using Yammer to keep your outside business contacts up-to-date and ensure your company's name sticks in their memory
  • Prepare to be on the road and on the go with Yammer on your phone with specific information for iPhone, Android phones, Windows devices, and Blackberry
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