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Beginning HTML5 Games with CreateJS

Beginning HTML5 Games with CreateJS, 9781430263401 (1430263407), Apress, 2014

Beginning HTML5 Games with CreateJS provides a hands-on approach to get you up and running with the most comprehensive tools available for HTML5 Canvas game development. Whether you are brand new to making games or an experienced game developer, you’ll learn to fully utilize the CreateJS suite to bring your new or existing game techniques to desktop and mobile devices.

This book covers everything from creating graphics in HTML5 Canvas to capturing user input (whether from keyboard, mouse, or touch) to using a state machine for efficient game control. There are practical (and fun) examples throughout the book, with four full game projects, including a mobile RPG. The book also covers optimizing your games for mobile and publishing them to app stores.

HTML5 games are growing more and more popular, and the demand for HTML5 Canvas skills is on the rise. The CreateJS suite is a powerful toolset that will help you manage Canvas drawing and animations, asset loading, sound management, complex tweening, and much more. Using these robust libraries, you can build powerful and engaging games that reach a wide range of audiences and devices.

What you’ll learn

  • HTML5 Canvas drawing and animations using EaselJS and TweenJS
  • Loading and managing assets using PreloadJS
  • Sound management using SoundJS
  • Core game development techniques such as state machines and object pooling
  • Extending EaselJS DisplayObjects using object-oriented JavaScript
  • JavaScript debugging
  • Wrapping HTML5 games and publishing them to app store

Who this book is for

Beginning HTML5 Games with CreateJS is written for both the new and experienced game developer. It covers an in-depth look at the APIs in each part of the CreateJS suite, and teaches you how to use them in game development scenarios. If you're an experienced developer it will show you how to take your existing gaming techniques and learn how to apply them to the HTML stack using object-oriented programming in JavaScript. Beginning HTML5 Games with CreateJS is a must-read book for anybody wanting to learn more about HTML5 game development using this extremely popular suite of tools.

Table of Contents

1. Getting to Know CreateJS 
2. Making and Animating Graphics
3. Capturing User Input 
4. Game Project: Progressive Break-it 
5. Using and Managing Bitmap Images 
6. Sprites and Sprite Sheet Animations 
7. Game Project: Fakezee 
8. Extending EaselJS Display Objects 
9. Sounds and Asset Management 
10. The State Machine and Scenes 
11. Game Project: Space Hero 
12. Building for Mobile Browsers 
13. Packaging and Compiling with PhoneGap Build 
14. Game Project: The Villager RPG 

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