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Biotechnology and Communication : The Meta-Technologies of Information (LEA's Communication Series)

This collection, limited as it is to a single volume, is far from exhaustive.
A complete research agenda for biotechnology’s impact on and implications
for information, communication, and culture would also include the
changing nature of individual and social identity, changes in organizational
form and financial instruments, reconsideration of human communication
processes as a result of what has been learned about cellular and biochemical
communications, and legal and cultural implications of the merging of
the digital and organic worlds. A brief review of the major themes in the history
of biotechnology should help contextualize and focus the work presented
here, and that which is to come.

Biotechnology is not a single technology, but a suite of techniques for
processing genetic information derived from a number of disciplines, including
biochemistry, molecular genetics, microbiology, and zymotechnology
(fermentation). In its current form, biotechnology refers to processing
technologies that apply microorganisms, cell cultures, or parts of either for
human (industrial) purposes. It includes the design and use of microorganisms
for direct use in food or other purposes (what economists refer to as a
primary, or final, good) and genetic manipulation of microorganisms to improve
their efficiency in converting materials that serve as inputs into other
processes (a secondary good). Using biotechnology, genetic information
can be processed either in a laboratory or in an organism (Goodman, 1987;
OTA, 1982).
Underwater Concreting and Repair
Underwater Concreting and Repair
The construction of a wide range of structures including bridge piers, harbours, sea and river defences over many decades, and more recently the development of offshore oil fields, has required placement of concrete underwater. This process can be successfully carried out and sound, good quality concrete produced if sufficient attention is paid to...
Autonomous and Autonomic Systems: With Applications to NASA Intelligent Spacecraft Operations and Exploration Systems
Autonomous and Autonomic Systems: With Applications to NASA Intelligent Spacecraft Operations and Exploration Systems

This book provides an in-depth discussion of autonomous and autonomic systems, their interdependencies, differences and similarities. Current and pending issues in these evermore increasingly important subjects are highlighted and discussed. Concepts, ideas and experiences are explored in relation to real-life NASA systems in spacecraft...

The Haskell School of Expression: Learning Functional Programming through Multimedia
The Haskell School of Expression: Learning Functional Programming through Multimedia

Functional programming is a style of programming that emphasizes the use of functions (in contrast to object-oriented programming, which emphasizes the use of objects). It has become popular in recent years because of its simplicity, conciseness, and clarity. This book teaches functional programming as a way of thinking and problem solving,...

Pro SMS 2003
Pro SMS 2003
Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 is the fifth revision of Microsoft’s product. Since it first appeared, its function and form have undergone vast changes. The 1.2 version made a big impact in the industry. It became a somewhat usable and stable, though temperamental, product. Some enterprises that invested their time and effort in this...
Logic Circuit Design: Selected Methods
Logic Circuit Design: Selected Methods

    In three main divisions the  book covers combinational circuits, latches, and asynchronous sequential circuits. Combinational circuits have  no memorising ability, while sequential circuits have such an ability to various degrees. Latches are the simplest sequential circuits, ones with the shortest memory. The...

ARCO Master the GRE 2009 (with CD)
ARCO Master the GRE 2009 (with CD)
The General Graduate Record Exam (GRE), or GRE General Test, is the primary standardized test for admission to graduate-level academic programs in the United States. The exam is designed and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the same company that produces the SAT. Since 2002, the GRE has been administered by computer only...
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