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Channel-Adaptive Technologies and Cross-Layer Designs for Wireless Systems with Multiple Antennas: Theory and Applications

Wireless communications is one of the most active areas of research over the
past and the current decades. In fact, the demand for wireless services has been
changing from the regular voice telephony services to mixed voice, data, and
multimedia services over the wireless media. Since the mid-1990s, the wireless
industry has been advancing at an incredible speed. For example, the 2G cellular
systems (such as GSM, D-AMPS, and IS-95) have significantly improved
the spectral efficiency and network capacity to support wireless telephony
services. Fueled by the explosion of demands for applications over the fixedline
and broadband Internet access, there is a parallel development in the wireless
domains to support high-quality and high-speed data and multimedia
services. For example, we have the development of 3G systems (CDMA2000,
UMTS), 3.5G systems (HSDPA,EV-DO,EV-DV), B3G systems (Beyond 3G),
wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11a/b/g), ultrawideband (UWB) systems, and Wi-
MAX (IEEE 802.16) as well as Wi-MAN (IEEE 802.20) systems. These technologies
have spurred a lot of research in the signal processing and cross-layer
design for wireless communications.

Realizing reliable and efficient communications over the wireless channel
has been a very challenging topic for over 50 years. This is attributed to the
hostile nature of the wireless channel in the form of rapid time variation,
extreme fading, and multipath. For instance, the transmission of signals over
the wireless channels is affected by time-varying channel attenuation, called
fading. The received signal strength can fluctuate over a wide range of 80dB
in the order of milliseconds. On one occasion, the transmission may experience
good fading and the transmission error probability will be low. On the
other hand, the transmission may experience bad fading on other occasions
and the error probability will be high. Hence, in general, the fading effects of
wireless channels impose additional challenges for signal transmissions
besides the regular channel noise.Two very promising more recent approaches
address the challenging problems of wireless transmissions: the multipleantenna
technologies and the cross-layer transmitter adaptation designs.
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