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Deployment of Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions: A complete guide to cloud development using Microsoft Azure


Master all the important and tough decision-making aspects involved in architecting an Azure public cloud for your organization.

Key Features

  • Deploy Azure Active Directory and implement synchronization
  • Manage storage solutions with Azure network services
  • Implement Azure cloud based on organizational requirements

Book Description

Microsoft Azure has numerous effective solutions that shape the future of any business. Over the years, Azure cloud services have grown quickly, and the number of organizations adopting Azure for their cloud services is also gradually increasing. Leading industry giants are finding that Azure fulfills their extensive cloud requirements.

Deployment of Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions starts with an extensive introduction to all the categories of designs available with Azure. These design patterns focus on different aspects of the cloud such as high availability, data management, and so on.

You will learn various aspects such as building your cloud structure and architecture. You will also have a brief understanding of the different types of services provided by Azure, such as Azure functions and Azure Analytics, which can prove beneficial for an organization. You will learn each and every aspect and function required to develop an Azure cloud based on your organizational requirements.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will be able to develop a full-fledged Azure cloud as well as implement Azure solutions such as networking, storage, and cloud effectively.

This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products:

  • Implementing Azure Solutions by Florian Klaffenbach, Jan-Henrik Damaschke, Oliver Michalski
  • Azure for Architects by Ritesh Modi

What you will learn

  • Implement routing and network devices
  • Understand the working of different storage accounts in Azure
  • Plan, deploy, and secure virtual machines
  • Deploy and manage Azure Containers
  • Familiarize yourself with the components of the Azure Cloud platform
  • Use enterprise security guidelines for your Azure deployment
  • Design and implement Serverless solutions
  • Understand cloud architecture and the deployment pipeline

Who this book is for

Deployment of Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions is for IT architects, system and network admins, and DevOps engineers who are aware of Azure solutions and want to implement them for their organization. Prior basic knowledge of the Azure Cloud platform is good to have.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Azure Implementation
  2. Azure Resource Manager and Tools
  3. Deploying and Synchronizing Azure Active Directory
  4. Implementing Azure Networks
  5. Implementing and Securing Azure Storage Accounts
  6. Planning and Deploying Virtual Machines in Azure
  7. Implementing Azure Cloud Services
  8. Implementing Azure Container Service
  9. Implementing Azure Security
  10. Azure Design Patterns
  11. Designing High Availability
  12. Implementing Scalability
  13. Designing IoT Solutions
  14. Designing and Implementing Data Solutions
  15. Designing and Implementing Serverless Solutions
  16. Designing Policies, Locks, and Tags
  17. DevOps on Azure
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