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Designing Forms for Microsoft Office InfoPath and Forms Services 2007 (Microsoft .NET Development Series)

"Microsoft Office InfoPath represents a revolutionary leap in XML technologies and a new paradigm for gathering business-critical information. I am delighted that Scott Roberts and Hagen Green, two distinguished members of the InfoPath product team, decided to share their experience in this book."

--From the Foreword by Jean Paoli, cocreator of XML 1.0 and Microsoft Office InfoPath

Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 offers breakthrough tools for gathering, managing, and integrating business-critical information, and creating efficient forms-driven processes. Two longtime members of Microsoft's InfoPath product team have written the first comprehensive, hands-on guide to building successful XML-based solutions with InfoPath 2007.

The book opens with a practical primer on the fundamentals of InfoPath form template design for information workers and application developers at all levels of experience. It then moves into advanced techniques for customizing, integrating, and extending form templates--with all the code examples and detail needed by professional developers.

Learn how to:

  • Design form templates: create blank form templates, insert and customize controls, use advanced formatting, and construct and lay out views
  • Work with data: start with XML data or schema, manually edit data sources, and understand design-time visuals
  • Add custom business logic to forms, and integrate them with other applications
  • Retrieve and query data from external data sources, including XML files, databases, SharePoint lists, Web services, and ADO.NET DataSets
  • Submit and receive form data using ADO.NET
  • Save, preview, and publish to e-mail, SharePoint, and more
  • Build reusable components with template parts
  • Create workflows with SharePoint and InfoPath E-Mail Forms
  • Administer Forms Services and Web-enabled form templates
  • Build advanced form templates using C# form code, custom controls, add-ins, and the new InfoPath 2007 managed object model
  • Design form templates using Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO)
  • Update, secure, and optimize your form templates
About the Author

Scott Roberts is a Senior Development Lead on the InfoPath team at Microsoft Corporation, and has been involved with InfoPath since its inception. He leads development on features ranging from controls and template parts to the Word/Excel importers. Scott is also the author of Programming Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 (Microsoft Press) and numerous technical articles and publications.

Hagen Green is a Software Design Engineer in Test II at Microsoft Corporation, and has been a member of the InfoPath team since its inception. He leads a team focused on the next version of Windows SharePoint Services. He contributed chapters on InfoPath to Visual Studio Tools for Office: Using Visual Basic 2005, and Visual Studio Tools for Office: Using C# (Addison-Wesley).

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