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Engaged Knowledge Management: Engagement with New Realities

"Exactly what's needed to breathe new life into a field now dying for lack of a practical, results-oriented perspective. Desouza and Awazu show us how to capture the essence of good management - knowledge - while actively engaged in the nitty-gritty of complex organizations. You will be engaged by this book."
--William E. Halal, George Washington University; Co-Director, Institute for Knowledge and Innovation

"Engaged Knowledge Management is a significant contribution because it unearths the missing links in knowledge management and offers solutions to make it work...This book offers both the know-how and show-how to make knowledge management pay off and how to give a competitive edge to corporations."
--Deependra Moitra, Associate Vice President & General Manager (Research), Infosys Technologies Limited, India

"Engaged Knowledge Management will be one of the most important books in your library. It is a wonderful compendium of the critical issues related to knowledge management and will clearly be labeled as a 'must have' for all academics and practitioners that work in this field...All in all, the book is comprehensive and well written. A fine reference for the KM novice and expert."
--Nick Bontis, DeGroote Business School, McMaster University; Director, Institute for Intellectual Capital Research, Canada; Associate Editor, Journal of Intellectual Capital

The authors contend that current knowledge management efforts in organizations need to be refocused so that they can be better poised for success. Topics discussed include: missing capabilities of knowledge management, knowledge management in strategic alliances, customer knowledge management, knowledge markets, and knowledge management systems, among others.

About the Author
Kevin C. Desouza is President of the Engaged Enterprise and the Director of its Institute for Engaged Business Research. Yukika Awazu is Senior Vice President of the Engaged Enterprise and a research fellow at the Institute for Engaged Business Research.
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