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Formula One Racing for Dummies

Formula One Racing for Dummies, 9780764570155 (0764570153), For Dummies, 2003
Formula One racing is the pinnacle of motor racing around the world. These days, the sport is a truly global circus. At almost every race on the calendar, more than 120,000 spectators cram into the grandstands and spectator banking, all vying for a view of the millionaire superstar drivers. At the same time, in 150 countries worldwide, more than 300 million people tune in to watch the fight for glory in the comfort of their front rooms.

Formula One Racing For Dummies shares insight into why this sport attracts so much interest and so many devotees – whether the fans be following drivers, worshipping cars, satisfying their fascination with technology, or simply soaking up the atmosphere at the track. This spirited guide gives you the nitty-gritty on this wildly popular race, answering questions like

  • Why do Formula One cars have wings and why are they covered in logos?
  • How does a race begin without a green light to signal the start?
  • How do Formula One drivers prepare, mentally and physically, for a race?
  • How can I get an autograph of my favorite driver?
  • What strategies do drivers and their teams use during a race?
  • How does Formula One compare with other forms of motor racing?
  • Why is a Formula One car still a car, even though it has no roof, doors, or bonnet?
  • Why is the business side of the sport so important and what's the role of the sponsor?
  • Besides the driver, who are the other people on the team?
  • What does winning feel like and how do drivers go about doing just that?

Considering that Formula One racing is matched only by the Olympics and the football World Cup in terms of worldwide fans, this engaging reference is a must-have for finding the information you're after without plodding through reams of pages or stalling out in a cover-to-cover read. You can speed through the basics or take time relishing a look at each circuit. And for those who want more than words to bring the race to life, a full-color insert celebrates the sheer spectacle of the great race – from crowds to crashes, incredible skill and technology to amazing finishes! 

About the Author
Jonathan Noble is Grand Prix Editor for Autosport magazine, the world’s foremost motor sport publication. Mark Hughes is a Grand Prix writer for Autosport magazine.

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