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Hadoop Cluster Deployment

Hadoop Cluster Deployment, 9781783281718 (1783281715), Packt Publishing, 2013

Construct a modern Hadoop data platform effortlessly and gain insights into how to manage clusters efficiently


  • Choose the hardware and Hadoop distribution that best suits your needs
  • Get more value out of your Hadoop cluster with Hive, Impala, and Sqoop
  • Learn useful tips for performance optimization and security

In Detail

Big Data is the hottest trend in the IT industry at the moment. Companies are realizing the value of collecting, retaining, and analyzing as much data as possible. They are therefore rushing to implement the next generation of data platform, and Hadoop is the centerpiece of these platforms.

This practical guide is filled with examples which will show you how to successfully build a data platform using Hadoop. Step-by-step instructions will explain how to install, configure, and tie all major Hadoop components together. This book will allow you to avoid common pitfalls, follow best practices, and go beyond the basics when building a Hadoop cluster.

This book will walk you through the process of building a Hadoop cluster from the ground up. By using practical examples and command samples, you will be able to get a cluster up and running in no time, and you will also gain a deep understanding of how various Hadoop components work and interact with each other.

You will learn how to pick the right hardware for different types of Hadoop clusters and about the differences between various Hadoop distributions. By the end of this book, you will be able to install and configure several of the most popular Hadoop ecosystem projects including Hive, Impala, and Sqoop, and you will also be given a sneak peek into the pros and cons of using Hadoop in the cloud.

What you will learn from this book

  • Choose the optimal hardware configuration for your Hadoop cluster
  • Decipher the differences between various Hadoop versions and distributions
  • Make your cluster crash-proof with Namenode High Availability
  • Learn tips and tricks for Jobtracker, Tasktracker, and Datanodes
  • Discover the most important Hadoop ecosystem projects
  • Get more value out of your cluster by using SQL with Hive and real-time query processing with Impala
  • Set up a proper permissions model for your cluster
  • Secure Hadoop with Kerberos
  • Deploy a Hadoop cluster in a cloud environment


This book is a step-by-step tutorial filled with practical examples which will show you how to build and manage a Hadoop cluster along with its intricacies.

Who this book is written for

This book is ideal for database administrators, data engineers, and system administrators, and it will act as an invaluable reference if you are planning to use the Hadoop platform in your organization. It is expected that you have basic Linux skills since all the examples in this book use this operating system. It is also useful if you have access to test hardware or virtual machines to be able to follow the examples in the book.

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