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Handbook of Software Quality Assurance

The industry's top guide to software quality -- completely updated!

Practical techniques for mission-critical and commercial software.

Build a great software quality organization.

Prepare for ASQ Software Quality Engineer Certification.

Software quality assurance has never been more challenging -- nor more business-critical. In this completely updated guide, sixteen of the world's leading SQA experts share their practical experience with the full range of techniques available for managing software quality. Discover the best ways to organize, staff and improve your software quality organization. Learn how to make the most of inspections, software configuration management, Pareto charts, metrics, statistical methods, CASE tools and other key SQA tools and approaches.

Handbook of Software Quality Assurance, Third Edition shows you how to:

  • Hire the right software quality professionals -- and get the best from them
  • Structure your software quality program for maximum effectiveness
  • Understand the role of software quality assurance in supporting the SEI Capability Maturity Model
  • Leverage proven quality techniques from other fields

Learn today's best practices for managing SQA in commercial software, customized mission-critical software, and embedded systems. Master the specialized techniques, standards, guidelines and rules for managing software safety, and walk through a state-of-the-art SQA case study at Boeing Space Transportation's Systems Software organization. Whether you're a software developer or customer, if you want more reliable software, this end-to-end guide will help you get it.

About the Author

G. GORDON SCHULMEYER, C.D.P., is president of PYXIS Systems International, Inc., focusing on software process and quality improvement. He was manager of software engineering and previously software quality engineering at Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group. He is the author of Zero Defect Software, Total Quality Management for Software, Computer Concepts for Managers, and the soon to be published Software Verification and Validation. He has published and lectured extensively on software quality, and he won the 1992 Shingo Prize for his work in the field.

JAMES I. MCMANUS is an Engineer in the Quality department at Northrop Grumman Electronic Sensors and Systems Division. Jim is currently QA Manager for one of the Air Defense programs at ESSD. He has been QA Manager of ASW and Commercial Communications programs, has worked special teams to audit and support ISO Standards and SEI level 3 and level 4 compliance, and is an active member of a new Requirements Management team to promote a common requirements database (SLATE).

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