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IoT, AI, and Blockchain for .NET: Building a Next-Generation Application from the Ground Up

Create applications using Industry 4.0. Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities can be enhanced using the Internet of things (IoT) and secured using Blockchain, so your latest app can be not just smarter but also more connected and more secure than ever before. This book covers the latest easy-to-use APIs and services from Microsoft, including Azure IoT, Cognitive Services APIs, Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), and Machine Learning Studio.

As you work through the book, you’ll get hands-on experience building an example solution that uses all of these technologies?an IoT suite for a smart healthcare facility. Hosted on Azure and networked using Azure IoT, the solution includes centralized patient monitoring, using Cognitive Services APIs for face detection, recognition, and tracking. Blockchain is used to create trust-based security and inventory management. Machine learning is used to create predictive solutions to proactively improve quality of life. By the end of the book, you’ll be confident creating richer and smarter applications using these technologies.

What You’ll Learn
  • Know the technologies underpinning Industry 4.0 and AI 2.0
  • Develop real-time solutions using IoT in Azure
  • Bring the smart capabilities of AI 2.0 into your application using a simple API call
  • Host and manage your solution on Azure
  • Understand Blockchain as a Service
  • Capture and analyze data on the fly
  • Make predictions using existing data

Who This Book Is For

Novice and intermediate .NET developers and architects who want to learn what it takes to create a modern or next-generation application

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