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Modern Python Standard Library Cookbook: Over 100 recipes to fully leverage the features of the standard library in Python


Build optimized applications in Python by smartly implementing the standard library

Key Features

  • Strategic recipes for effective application development in Python
  • Techniques to create GUIs and implement security through cryptography
  • Best practices for developing readily scalable, production-ready applications

Book Description

The Python 3 Standard Library is a vast array of modules that you can use for developing various kinds of applications. It contains an exhaustive list of libraries, and this book will help you choose the best one to address specific programming problems in Python.

The Modern Python Standard Library Cookbook begins with recipes on containers and data structures and guides you in performing effective text management in Python. You will find Python recipes for command-line operations, networking, filesystems and directories, and concurrent execution. You will learn about Python security essentials in Python and get to grips with various development tools for debugging, benchmarking, inspection, error reporting, and tracing. The book includes recipes to help you create graphical user interfaces for your application. You will learn to work with multimedia components and perform mathematical operations on date and time. The recipes will also show you how to deploy different searching and sorting algorithms on your data.

By the end of the book, you will have acquired the skills needed to write clean code in Python and develop applications that meet your needs.

What you will learn

  • Store multiple values per key in associative containers
  • Create interactive character-based user interfaces
  • Work with native time and display data for your time zone
  • Read/write SGML family languages, both as a SAX and DOM parser to meet file sizes and other requirements
  • Group equivalent items using itertools and sorted features together
  • Use partials to create unary functions out of multi-argument functions
  • Implement hashing algorithms to store passwords in a safe way

Who this book is for

If you are a developer who wants to write highly responsive, manageable, scalable, and resilient code in Python, this book is for you. Prior programming knowledge in Python will help you make the most out of the book.

Table of Contents

  1. Containers & Data Structures
  2. Text Management
  3. Command Line
  4. File System and Directories
  5. Date and Time
  6. Reading Write Data
  7. Algorithms
  8. Cryptography
  9. Concurrency
  10. Networking
  11. Web Development
  12. Multimedia
  13. Graphical User Interfaces
  14. Development Tools
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