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Network Recovery: Protection and Restoration of Optical, SONET-SDH, IP, and MPLS

"This is the right book at the right time for anyone in the telecommunications business, or anyone who is dependent on the services provided by the telecommunications business that would like to understand the new Internet that is rapidly becoming the common reality."
From the Foreword by Scott Bradner, Senior Technical Consultant and University Technology, Security Officer at Harvard University

"This book provides a welcome overview of the many techniques applied to protect and recover data paths in IP and MPLS networks as well as in SONET/SDH and optical transport networks. The analysis and case studies of MPLS Traffic Engineering recovery mechanisms will be particularly useful to operators intending to deploy MPLS protection within their networks."
Adrian Farrel, Old Dog Consulting & Co-Chair of the IETF CCAMP Working Group

Network Recovery is the first book to provide detailed information on protecting and restoring communication networks, and it sets a sky-high standard for any that may follow. Inside, youll learn specific techniques that work at each layer of the networking hierarchyincluding optical, SONET-SDH, IP, and MPLSas well as multi-layer escalation strategies that offer the highest level of protection. The authors begin with an incisive introduction to the issues that define the field of network protection and restoration, and as the book progresses they explain everything you need to know about the relevant protocols, providing theoretical analyses wherever appropriate. If you work for a network-dependent organization, large or small, youll want to keep Network Recovery within reach at all times.

* Shows you how to implement protection and recovery techniques that will save your organization time and money.
* Documents techniques for the optical, SONET-SDH, IP, and MPLS layers, as well as multi-layer escalation strategies.
* Shows you how to evaluate these techniques in relation to one another, so you can develop an optimal network recovery design.
* Provides industry examples and simulation results.
* Delves into the inner workings of relevant protocols and offers theoretical analyses wherever this information contributes to your practical knowledge.

About the Authors:
Jean-Philippe Vasseur is a system architect at Cisco, where he works on IP/MPLS architecture specifications, focusing on traffic engineering and recovery mechanisms. He earned an engineering degree in France and an M.S. from the SIT in New Jersey. Before joining Cisco, he worked for several service providers operating in large multi-protocol environments.

Piet Demeester is a professor in the Department of Information Technology (INTEC) at Ghent University, where he received his Ph.D. His research interests include network planning, network and service management, telecom software, internetworking, and network protocols for QoS support.

Mario Pickavet is a professor at Ghent University, where he received M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering, with a specialization in telecommunications. His research on broadband communication networks focuses on resilience mechanisms and the design and long-term planning of core and access networks.
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