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Pro (IBM) WebSphere Application Server 7 Internals

Pro (IBM) WebSphere Application Server 7 Internals covers the internal architecture and implementation of the WebSphere Application Server (WAS) version 7 product set and how other IBM products extend it. It presents information to enable administrators, developers, and architects to learn about the aspects of WAS that apply to them:
  • Administrators will come to understand how the WAS7 environment functions to best optimize it for their environment, and what to do when things go wrong.
  • Developers will learn to extend the functionality in the base WAS product.
  • Architects will see how the WAS product underpins the IBM offerings to fit in an enterprise.

What you’ll learn

  • Explore the internal architecture that makes up a modern high–end application server and how other products extend it to provide additional functionality.
  • Implement, deploy, and serve Java EE 5 and other enterprise Java applications.
  • See how the environment all fits together so you can make the best use of the WebSphere Application Server services.
  • Explore how all this works with simple, important code examples.
  • Troubleshoot problems when the inevitable crisis occurs.

Who is this book for?

  • Java architects wanting to understand how a modern application server works
  • Java developers targeting the JEE and the WAS7 implementation in particular
  • WAS7 administrators wanting to understand how to optimize the environment for their application behavior and what underpins the errors in the logs when things do go wrong
  • Software architecture students learning how modern system software is architected and implemented

About the Apress Pro Series

The Apress Pro series books are practical, professional tutorials to keep you on and moving up the professional ladder.

You have gotten the job, now you need to hone your skills in these tough competitive times. The Apress Pro series expands your skills and expertise in exactly the areas you need. Master the content of a Pro book, and you will always be able to get the job done in a professional development project. Written by experts in their field, Pro series books from Apress give you the hard–won solutions to problems you will face in your professional programming career.

About the Author

Colin Renouf is an enterprise architect responsible for middleware technology for a large UK–based bank. Formerly an aeronautical engineer at an aircraft engines company, Colin has 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Colin originally specialized in Windows development and infrastructure, but being familiar with AIX from the early days and with a keen interest in Java/J2EE, Colin has added WAS and AIX to his specialties.

As an active member of user communities, Colin runs some of the largest user groups in the world, notably that for AIX and jointly that for all things WebSphere.

Colin has a BS degree in aeronautical engineering and a BA in IT and social sciences from reputable UK universities, and has studied a number of other subjects at degree level.

Colin is the author of the “WAS Under The Hood” section of the WebSphere on AIX Best Practices and Optimization Redbook and “Enterprise Infrastructure” Redpaper, the WAS Internals series in IBM Systems Magazine, and various presentations on the subject of how WAS works as part of the user group conference scene.

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