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Springer Handbook of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical engineering is a broad and complex field within the world of engineering and has close relations to many other fields. It is an important economic factor for all industrialized countries and the global market allows for wide international competition for products and processes in this field. To stay up to date with scientific findings and to apply existing knowledge in mechanical engineering it is important to renew and continuously update existing information.

The editors of this Springer Handbook on Mechanical Engineering have worked successfully with 92 authors worldwide to include chapters about all relevant mechanical engineering topics. However, this Handbook cannot claim to cover every aspect or detail of the mechanical engineering areas or fields included, and where mechanical engineers are currently present and contributing their expertise and knowledge towards the challenges of a better world. However, this Handbook will be a valuable guide for all who design, develop, manufacture, operate, and use mechanical artefacts.

We also hope to spark interest in the field of mechanical engineering from others. In this Handbook, high-school students can get a first glance at the options in this field and possible career moves.

We, the editors, would like to express our gratitude and thanks to all of the authors of this Handbook, who have devoted a considerable amount of time towards this project. We would like to thank them for their patience and cooperation, and we hope for a long-lasting partnership in this ambitious project. We would also most sincerely like to thank our managers and friends at Springer and le-tex. The executives at Springer–Verlag were always most cooperative and supportive of this Handbook. Without Dr. Skolaut’s continuous help and encouragement and Ms. Moebes’ and Mr. Wieczorek’s almost daily requests for corrections, improvements, and progress reports it would have taken another few years – if ever – to publish this Handbook. Stürtz has done a fantastic job in printing and binding. Finally we would like to thank all the people we work with in our departments and universities, who tolerated the time and effort spent on this book.

Finally, we know that there is always room for improvement – with this Handbook as with most engineering products and approaches. We, as well as the authors welcome your fair hints, comments, and criticism. Through this Handbook and with the authors’ efforts, we would also like to draw your attention to what has been accomplished for the benefit of the engineering world and society.

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