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Testing and Quality Assurance for Component-Based Software (Artech House Computer Library.)

The widespread development and reuse of software components is regarded
by many as one of the next biggest phenomena for software. Reusing
high-quality software components in software development has the potential
for drastically improving the quality and development productivity of
component-based software. However, the widespread reuse of a software
component with poor quality may literally lead to disasters. Componentbased
software engineering involves many unique characteristics, some of
which have unintended consequences and side effects. The primary goal of
this book is to elaborate on these characteristics, point out possible strengths
and weaknesses, and develop methodologies to maximize the quality and productivity
potentials associated with development and reuse of software components.
Software testing is one of the most important phases in software
engineering, and it plays a pivotal role in software quality assurance. This
book focuses on testing and the larger context of quality assurance.
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