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The Accidental Leader: What to Do When You're Suddenly in Charge

The Book You Need When You Are Unexpectedly Put in Charge

It could happen today. You are called into the office, and the boss tells you that due to unforeseen circumstances, starting today you will be in charge of a team, a project, an office, a committee, or a business unit. Without any warning (or preparation on your part) you’ve become an accidental leader.

If you have been thrust into a position of sudden responsibility, you need The Accidental Leader. This book is a first aid kit that gives you the information and inspiration you need to

  • Know what you bring to the challenge–your pluses and minuses
  • Define success and achieve it
  • Get other people on your side
  • Overcome your natural shortcomings
  • Get organized–right now
  • See through the apparent system to the culture within
  • Direct people and get them to act

The Accidental Leader is your lifeline to leadership success. It is filled with practical answers to the many leadership questions that you will face.

About the Author
Harvey Robbins is a psychologist, business consultant, trainer, and author. He has consulted to numerous organizations including American Express, Allied Signal, General Dynamics, AT&T, 3M, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Nabisco, Target, and US West.
Michael Finley is a prolific author and journalist whose work has appeared in hundreds of publications. He is well known for his writing on technology, and was chosen as one of the "Masters of the Wired World" by the Financial Times. Robbins and Finley have written several books together, including the best-selling Why Teams Don’t Work, which won the Financial Times/Booz-Allen & Hamilton Global Business Award in 1995.

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