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Tkinter GUI Programming by Example: Learn to create modern GUIs using Tkinter by building real-world projects in Python


Leverage the power of Python and its de facto GUI framework to build highly interactive interfaces

Key Features

  • The fundamentals of Python and GUI programming with Tkinter.
  • Create multiple cross-platform projects by integrating a host of third-party libraries and tools.
  • Build beautiful and highly-interactive user interfaces that target multiple devices.

Book Description

Tkinter is a modular, cross-platform application development toolkit for Python. When developing GUI-rich applications, the most important choices are which programming language(s) and which GUI framework to use. Python and Tkinter prove to be a great combination. This book will get you familiar with Tkinter by having you create fun and interactive projects. These projects have varying degrees of complexity. We'll start with a simple project, where you'll learn the fundamentals of GUI programming and the basics of working with a Tkinter application. After getting the basics right, we'll move on to creating a project of slightly increased complexity, such as a highly customizable Python editor. In the next project, we'll crank up the complexity level to create an instant messaging app. Toward the end, we'll discuss various ways of packaging our applications so that they can be shared and installed on other machines without the user having to learn how to install and run Python programs.

What you will learn

  • Create a scrollable frame via theCanvas widget
  • Use the pack geometry manager andFrame widget to control layout
  • Learn to choose a data structurefor a game
  • Group Tkinter widgets, such asbuttons, canvases, and labels
  • Create a highly customizablePython editor
  • Design and lay out a chat window

Who This Book Is For

This book is for beginners to GUI programming who haven't used Tkinter yet and are eager to start building great-looking and user-friendly GUIs. Prior knowledge of Python programming is expected.

Table of Contents

  1. Meet Tkinter
  2. Back to the Command Line - Basic Blackjack
  3. Jack is Back in Style - the Blackjack GUI
  4. The Finishing Touches - Sound and Animation
  5. Creating a Highly Customizable Python Editor
  6. Color Me Impressed! - Adding Syntax Highlighting
  7. Not Just for Restaurants - All About Menus
  8. Talk Python to Me - a Chat Application
  9. Connecting - Getting Our Chat Client Online
  10. Making Friends - Finishing Our Chat Application
  11. Wrapping Up - Packaging Our Applications to Share
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