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Building Engaged Team Performance: Align Your Processes and People to Achieve Game-Changing Business Results


Harness the Power of Your Most Valuable Resource—Your Workforce!

Process improvement approaches like Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise have worked wonders for countless organizations, but in the drive for true excellence, these approaches are only one important part of the formula.

Building Engaged Team Performance explains the next wave of business improvement: driving breakthrough gains by integrating process improvement with “the people side” of performance.

Breaking new ground in the world of organizational improvement, performance management expert Dodd Starbird teams up with Roland Cavanagh, coauthor of the bestselling The Six Sigma Way, to present a system for aligning and optimizing processes and the efforts of any organization’s most valuable asset: people.

Combining the principles from Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma, Lean, and Socio-Technical Systems, Engaged Team Performance helps you harness the massive potential of human performance that is not captured by process improvements alone. Illustrated through real-life stories, Building Engaged Team Performance offers a stepby- step program that shows you how you can more than double the productivity of your business. The authors’ client examples are a diverse group of transactional and manufacturing organizations that have used Engaged Team Performance to:

  • Increase employee efficiency by 50% and save millions of dollars
  • Consistently deliver on critical customer requirements
  • Provide visual data for instant decision making• Create realistic staffing models for sustainable capacity
  • Establish standards for both team and individual performance
  • Develop leadership that facilitates team ownership of execution

Building Engaged Team Performance provides the tools for building a superior system that optimizes effectiveness of outcomes for customers and efficiency of resource usage. Never before have human performance and process improvement been so closely linked in a single, sustainable method. Catch the next wave of business improvement with Engaged Team Performance.

Praise for Building Engaged Team Performance

“The Engaged Team Performance effort that we undertook has allowed us to reshape our process from start to finish and improve both productivity and the communication among multiple departments.”
Art Bacci, President & CEO, Principal Bank

“This book provides practical insights on building competencies of change leaders throughout the organization.”
Dr. William D. Trotter, Managing Director, Association of Internal Management Consultants (AIMC)

“By embedding these concepts into organizational culture, systems, and processes, a group of individuals may become a winning team.”
Dan Bell, President, Canon Information Technology Services

“When I led a division at GE during the heyday of Six Sigma, process excellence and team performance were both critical; yet they were considered different disciplines, supported by separate infrastructure. Engaged Team Performance combines and aligns the best of both, and it delivers even better results.”
C. Lewis Fain, President, Mortgage Payment Protection, Inc.

“If your strategic vision includes words like growth, customer loyalty, value creation, responsiveness, quality, expertise, partnership, accountability, efficiency, or best in class, then Building Engaged Team Performance has to be part of the foundation. Without it you’re just creating a house of cards.”
Rick Larson, CEO, VFD Technologies

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