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Cocos2d-x by Example: Beginner's Guide - Second Edition


Unleash your inner creativity and learn how to build great cross-platform 2D games with the popular Cocos2d-x framework

About This Book

  • Build multi-device games, letting the framework do all the heavy lifting!
  • Spruce up your games with easy-to-apply animations, particle effects, and physics simulation
  • Quickly implement and test your own game play ideas, with an eye for optimization and portability

Who This Book Is For

If you are a game enthusiast who would like to develop and publish your own game ideas onto different app stores, this is the book for you. Some knowledge of C++ or Java is helpful but not necessary.

What You Will Learn

  • Add time-saving and fun-looking animations to your projects
  • Make your games look cooler with particle effects
  • Draw lines, circles, and other primitives on the screen
  • Create place holder sprites to quickly test your game ideas
  • Load external data into your games
  • Create projects and deploy them to iOS and Android
  • Prepare your game for a variety of screen sizes and resolutions
  • Use the CocosIDE and the Lua bindings to develop a game

In Detail

Upgraded and updated, the powerful and popular open source framework Cocos2d-x is better than ever. Through step-by-step tutorials, you'll learn how to take complete advantage of the framework. You'll learn how to add animations and special effects, implement a physics engine, optimize your games, prepare a project for multiple devices, and develop game ideas from the test version to a finished project.

Most importantly, this book provides you with the accumulated knowledge of thousands of game developers, all packed into one easy-to-use and proven framework that will save time and strenuous thinking!

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