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Deploying Cisco Voice over IP Solutions

If you've got a wide area network (WAN) already, putting interoffice voice traffic on it is an obvious application for it. Voice signals take up so little bandwidth, and the cost savings can be so significant, that Voice over IP (VoIP) deserves serious consideration. However, you can easily throw away years of cost savings by bringing in consultants to implement your VoIP solution. Deploying Cisco Voice over IP Solutions is meant to help organizational information technology people (as well as engineers at service providers and, for that matter, the expensive consultants) learn how to design, implement, and fine-tune VoIP systems that center on equipment and software from Cisco Systems. This book is all about Quality of Service (QoS), capacity management (gatekeeping), and network design. Cisco's implementations of fax services (under T.37 and T.38) and unified messaging (under uOne) are covered as well, but the authors leave most call-control matters to this book's companion volume, Cisco CallManager Fundamentals: A Cisco AVVID Solution.

The authors' approach, in large part, takes the form of a series of engineering problems, in which answers to design questions are given with lots of supporting math, equipment specifications, and references. In a discussion of setting up a transcontinental VoIP network, for example, the authors show how to configure Internetwork Operating System (IOS) 12.x to act as a gatekeeper and interact with CallManagers at both sites. There's IOS syntax, of course, but also a discussion of how Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) affects gatekeeping duties, and a complete table of options. A well-thought-out system for providing prepaid calling-card services on a VoIP network--meaning there's a database and authentication built into the call flow--is a great conclusion. --David Wall

Topics covered: Design- and implementation-time considerations for building a Voice over IP (VoIP) network on Cisco Systems hardware and software. Traffic analysis, echo, Quality of Service (QoS), dial plans, and extended services like fax and messaging get the attention of the all-Cisco authorial team.

Learn real-world voice-over-IP deployment solutions and strategies from the Cisco experts

Deploying Cisco Voice over IP Solutions covers:

  • Definitive guidelines on real-world VoIP deployments, the fundamentals of the latest VoIP solutions, and a look into the future of VoIP services
  • Different techniques for engineering and properly sizing traffic-sensitive voice networks
  • Basic concepts applicable to echo analysis, echo cancellation, and locating and eliminating echoes
  • Various QoS features applicable to voice
  • Detailed information on call admission control (CAC)
  • Dial plan configuration recommendations on Cisco H.323 gateways and gatekeepers used to support large dial plans
  • Basic tasks of designing a long-distance VoIP network
  • The two classes of hosted voice networks: Managed Multiservice (MMS) networks and packet voice VPNs
  • Fax services store and forward as well as real-time relay fax services
  • Sample configurations and step-by-step examples to help you learn how to build a VoIP network

Deploying Cisco Voice over IP Solutions provides networking professionals the knowledge, advice, and insight necessary to design and deploy voice over IP (VoIP) networks that meet customers' needs for scalability, services, and security. Beginning with an introduction to the important preliminary design elements that need to be considered before implementing VoIP, Deploying Cisco Voice over IP Solutions also demonstrates the basic tasks involved in designing an effective service provider-based VoIP network. You'll conclude with design and implementation guidelines for some of the more popular and widely requested VoIP services, such as prepaid services, fax services, and virtual private networks (VPNs).

This book is a collaboration of Cisco Systems CCIE(r) engineers, technical marketing engineers, and systems engineers. You'll find design experience from people who have designed some of the world's largest VoIP networks.

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