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Digital Animation Bible: Creating Professional Animation with 3ds Max, Lightwave, and Maya



Essential to today's commercials, feature films, games corporate presentations, and education digital animation is the hottest career prospect in the media creation business. In this new arena, creativity is king, not the size of your studio.

 In the Digital Animation Bible, Videography and Digital Cinema magazine Contributing Editor George Avgerakis, a professional digital animator and videographer, gives you everything you need to get started, showing how any determined and creative reader can master this exciting new field by learning the fundamentals -- and getting comfortable with any of the three leading software packages that form the common language of contemporary digital animation.


 Digital Animation Bible:

* Helps you get your fist professional experience as an intern
* Provides essential information on choosing and using the right software, with dozens of hands-on examples
* Shows you how to put together a killer show reel
* Guides you into your first paying job, from interview to paycheck
* Shows you how to take a client from a need to a complete storyboard
* Helps you originate, define, and render unforgettable characters
* Facilitates your skill in lighting 3-D animations
* Prepares you for your new life as a professional digital animator or studio owner!

Everything you need is in this book, including a CD that allows access to FREE learning versions of 3ds max, Lightwave, Maya and other useful animation software!

About the Author

George Avgerakis began his computer animation career in 1976, producing effects for television commercials at Grey Advertising. He is cofounder of Avetka Productions in New York City, which produces animation, video, disc-based media, and Internet services, in English and all foreign languages, to Fortune 100 companies and worldwide broadcasters. His commercials and animations have been shown on all U.S. cable and broadcast networks. A founding contributing editor of Digital Cinema magazine, he has also served as Contributing Editor to Videography since 1996. The author of Desktop Video Studio Bible, he is a frequent speaker at industry conferences such as the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Los Angeles and New York DV (Digital Video) Expos. Mr. Avgerakis has also lectured at the University of Maryland, University of London and City University of New York.

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