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Java ME on Symbian OS: Inside the Smartphone Model (Symbian Press)

In Java ME on Symbian OS, the authors expose the opportunities for application developers wishing to use Java ME on Symbian OS.

Written by a team of experts from Symbian, Nokia and Sun Microsystems Java ME on Symbian OS reveals what can be found “under-the-hood” of the world’s leading smartphone operating system. If you’re just starting out in the exciting world of smartphone development and want to learn Java ME, or if you already have some experience of Java ME development but need extra tips to help your true professional stand out, then this is the book for you!

Read on for:

  • Introduction to Java ME and programming fundamentals
  • Java ME on Symbian OS (core and advanced chapters)
  • Drill down into MSA, DoJa and MIDP game development
  • Under the hood of the Java ME platform

The book includes two appendices on:

  • SNAP Mobile technology
  • WidSets.

With over ten years' experience in Java technologies and over four years’ experience at Symbian, Roy Ben Hayun now works for Sun Microsystems as a systems architect in the Engineering Services group, which leads the development, marketing and productizing of Java ME CLDC and CDC on different platforms.

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