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Mastering Revit Architecture 2009

Mastering Revit Architecture 2009, 9780470295281 (0470295287), Sybex, 2008
Move beyond the basics of Revit and BIM and redefine your designs with this new edition of Mastering Revit Architecture. With updated coverage of Revit Architecture 2009 features, this comprehensive guide will help you discover best practices and tips that will make your projects smoother and their implementation easier. You’ll learn how applying key Revit and BIM priniciples to your designs will increase your productivity and improve your workflow plus develop a more thorough understanding of topics like design options and features, advanced modeling, and presentation techniques with the clear explanations and practical examples found in this book.

Redefine How You Design and Document with Revit Architecture 2009

Join the BIM revolution with the new edition of this bestselling guide from a skilled author team of Revit professionals. Using clear explanations, detailed tutorials, and practical examples, they show you how to immediately implement Revit in the real world with spectacular results.

You'll start with a focused look at Revit and Building Information Modeling (BIM) basics and the Revit interface, before quickly moving into setting up and customizing tools, preparing templates and settings, and creating a library of components. From there, the book guides you through a wealth of information, from basic to conceptual modeling and using smart workflows to fine-tuning designs and creating rich construction documents. Packed with techniques, tips, and sixteen pages of stunning examples in full color, this is the perfect resource to help you unleash your creativity with Revit Architecture 2009.

Coverage includes:

  • Customizing system families and project settings to create templates and make Revit match your style and needs

  • Creating massing studies and conducting feasibility studies to ensure your designs work

  • Mastering modeling principles of Revit

  • Understanding smart workflows—the power of groups, links, and design options

  • Presenting your designs using the powerful new rendering tools and materials

  • Learning practical techniques to achieve rich construction documentation

  • Collaborating, tracking changes, and coordinating processes

  • Measuring the effects of sun and shadow using animation

  • Move to BIM and Increase Your Productivity

  • Implement Revit and BIM Principles, and Learn Best Practices

  • Master Powerful New Rendering Capabilities

  • Improve Your Workflows, Worksharing, and Collaboration

  • Update Design, Specification, or Modeling Information Dynamically

  • Explore Sustainable Design with Revit Architecture

  • Annotate All Views for Accurate, Professional Presentations

About the Author

Eddy Krygiel is an Autodesk Authorized Author and registered architect at BNIM Architects. He has used Revit to complete projects of all scopes and sizes. Eddy is responsible for implementing BIM at his firm and also consults for other architecture and contracting firms looking to implement BIM. Greg Demchak is a product designer for Revit Architecture. He also teaches at Boston Architectural College and holds a master's degree in architecture from MIT. Tatjana Dzambazova is an internationally recognized AEC industry technology speaker. She was project manager for Revit Architecture for two years and previously practiced architecture for twelve years in Vienna and London.

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