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Mule in Action

Mule in Action, 9781933988962 (1933988967), Manning Publications, 2009
Mule is the most widely used open source ESB-with millions of downloads- providing an alternative to expensive commercial options. Mule in Action is a comprehensive tutorial designed for working Java developers. This authoritative book explores the architecture and the main features of version Mule 2 through numerous running examples. It starts with a quick overview of ESB technology and a bit of Mule history-including the key changes between Mule 1.x and Mule 2. Readers learn to configure Mule and then get straight to the good stuff-putting Mule to work.

Because the core of an ESB system is handling message traffic, the book dives into the way Mule handles data with chapters on sending and receiving, routing, and transforming data. Next, it takes a close look at Mule's standard components and how you can roll out custom ones. The book closes with a set of chapters on the nuts and bolts of working with Mule. Readers can take Mule farther by learning techniques for testing, performance tuning, BPM orchestration, and even a touch of Groovy scripting.

About the Author

David Dossot has worked as a software engineer and architect for more than 13 years. He has been using Mule since 2005 in a variety of different contexts and is the project despot of the JCR Transport. He is also a judge for the Jolt Product Excellence Awards and has written several articles for SD Magazine. He holds a Production Systems Engineering Diploma from ESSTIN.

John D'Emic has been working on integration projects in one form or another for the last 10 years. He is currently the Chief Integration Architect at OpSourceInc and has been leveraging Mule in that capacity since 2006. In addition to being an extensive end user of Mule, John has submitted patches to the Jetty and XFire transports. He holds a degree in Computer Science from St. John's University.
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