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Next.js Quick Start Guide: Server-side rendering done right


Create, build and deploy universal JavaScript applications using Next.js

Key Features

  • Work with the entire tool-chain for developing universal Javascript applications with Next.js
  • A straightforward guide to implementing server-side rendering
  • Use Next.js to build SEO-friendly and super fast websites

Book Description

Next.js is a powerful addition to the ever-growing and dynamic JavaScript world. Built on top of React, Webpack, and Babel, it is a minimalistic framework for server-rendered universal JavaScript applications. This book will show you the best practices for building sites using Next. js, enabling you to build SEO-friendly and superfast websites.

This book will guide you from building a simple single page app to a scalable and reliable client-server infrastructure. You will explore code sharing between client and server, universal modules, and server-side rendering.

The book will take you through the core Next.js concepts that everyone is talking about – hot reloading, code splitting, routing, server rendering, transpilation, CSS isolation, and more. You will learn ways of implementing them in order to create your own universal JavaScript application. You will walk through the building and deployment stages of your applications with the JSON API,customizing the confguration, error handling,data fetching, deploying to production, and authentication.

What you will learn

  • Explore the benefts of server-side rendering with Next.js
  • Create and link JavaScript modules together by understanding code splitting and bundling
  • Create website pages and wire them together through website navigation
  • Extend your application with additional Webpack loaders and features, as well as custom Babel plugins and presets
  • Use GraphQL and Apollo frameworks with Next.js to fetch data and receive push notifcations
  • Design and implement core modules, such as logging and authentication, and then more complex solutions for access control and business rule management
  • Write tests and use online CI tools such as Travis, GitLab, and more
  • Build a Docker-based container for your app and deploy it to online services such as Heroku and Now.sh

Who this book is for

This book is for JavaScript developers who want to learn how to generate server-rendered applications.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Server Side Rendering and Next.js
  2. Next.js fundamentals
  3. Next.js Configuration
  4. Next.js Data Flow
  5. App lifecycle handlers & Business Logic
  6. Continuous Integration
  7. Containers
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