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Pauline Frommer's London: Spend Less, See More (Pauline Frommer Guides)


The Society of American Travel Writers Names "Pauline Frommer's London" Best Guidebook of the Year

Pauline Frommer's London has been recognized as the best guidebook of 2009 by the Society of American Travel Writer's Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition. The award is given annually to honor outstanding work in print and online travel journalism and is the premier competition in the field.

Spend less, see more. This is the philosophy behind Pauline Frommer's guides. These guides show how to truly experience a culture, meet locals, and save money along the way. Pauline Frommer's London includes insider tips on: 

Cozy, restful accommodations: Instead of spending $300 a night for a faceless chain hotel, bed down in a private home for just $33 (p. 32), or rent Virginia Woolf's childhood home for $126 (p. 31).

Food finds: Eat where the locals do and save-from classic fish and chips joints (p. 115) to Indian favorites (p. 116) to an affordable but still elegant spot for high tea (p. 100).

Sights and attractions: Find insightful and in-depth coverage of London's iconic sights and the gems most visitors miss, plus fascinating self-guided walking tours.

Insider's London: Make new friends at a Sunday Pub Roast (p. 214), build burrows for hedgehogs with the London Wildlife Trust (p. 209), or spend an afternoon watching the political brawls in Parliament (p. 198).

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