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Professional Azure SQL Database Administration: Equip yourself with the skills you need to manage and maintain your SQL databases on the Microsoft cloud


Discover how you can migrate a traditional on-premise SQL server database to a cloud-based solution with Microsoft Azure. Built with database administrators in mind, this book emulates different scenarios you might come across while working with large, complex SQL database migrations and provides solutions for effectively managing the migrated databases.

Key Features

  • Implement backup, restore, and recovery of Azure SQL databases
  • Create shards and elastic pools to scale Azure SQL databases
  • Automate common management tasks with PowerShell
  • Implement over 40 practical activities and exercises across 24 topics to reinforce your learning

Book Description

As the cloud version of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database differs in key ways when it comes to management, maintenance, and administration. It’s important to know how to administer SQL Database to fully benefit from all of the features and functionality that it provides. This book addresses important aspects of an Azure SQL Database instance such as migration, backup restorations, pricing policies, security, scalability, monitoring, performance optimization, high availability, and disaster recovery. It is a complete guide for database administrators, and ideal for those who are planning to migrate from on premise SQL Server database to an Azure SQL Server database.

What you will learn

  • Learn how to provision a new database or migrate an existing on-premise solution
  • Understand how to backup, restore, secure, and scale your own Azure SQL Database
  • Optimize the performance by monitoring and tuning your cloud-based SQL instance
  • Implement high availability and disaster recovery procedures with SQL Database
  • Develop a roadmap for your own scalable cloud solution with Azure SQL Database

Who this book is for

This book is ideal for database administrators, database developers, or application developers who are interested in developing or migrating existing applications with Azure SQL Database. Prior experience of working with an on-premise SQL Server deployment and brief knowledge of PowerShell and C# are recommended prerequisites.

Table of Contents

  1. Microsoft Azure SQL Database Primer
  2. Migrating a SQL Server Database to an Azure SQL Database
  3. Backing Up the Azure SQL Database
  4. Restoring an Azure SQL Database
  5. Securing an Azure SQL Database
  6. Scaling Out Azure SQL Database
  7. Elastic Pools
  8. High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  9. Monitoring and Tuning Azure SQL Database
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