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Programming Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV 2015


Sharpen your skills and increase your productivity when programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

About This Book

  • The most comprehensive Dynamics NAV reference guide for programmers, developers, managers, and consultants
  • Covers all the elements needed to learn how to do development in NAV 2015 C/SIDE and C/AL
  • A comprehensive guide with detailed explanations and useful examples, presented in a logical, step-by-step manner

Who This Book Is For

This book is targeted at those who want to learn NAV's powerful and extensive built-in development capabilities. It assumes that you understand programming and are familiar with business application software.

What You Will Learn

  • Extract and utilize NAV data using queries and reports
  • Use the integrated debugger, the .NET interface, and C/AL extensions for automated testing
  • Understand NAV's data element choices, properties, and usages
  • Discover how to successfully deliver an interactive user data presentation
  • Sharpen your skills and increase your productivity with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Get to grips with the fundamental programming and design concepts of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

In Detail

NAV 2015 is a complete ERP system, which also contains a robust set of development tools to support customization and enhancement. These include an object designer for each of seven application object types, a business application-oriented programming language with .NET interface capability, a compiler, a debugger, and programming testing language support.

This book is designed to take you from an introduction to the product and its integrated development tools to being a productive developer in the NAV 2015 environment. It will serve as a comprehensive reference guide, complementing NAV's Help files. You will find this book really useful if you want to evaluate the product's development capabilities or need to manage NAV 2015 based projects. Additionally, you will also learn about the NAV application structure, the C/SIDE development environment, the C/AL language, the construction and uses of each object type, and how it all fits together.

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