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Refurbishment and Upgrading of Buildings: .

...I can recommend the book as good reading for students of surveying and architecture, for developers and for those involve with refurbishment of historic buildings..
–Dr. Jagjit Singh, Director, Environmental Building Solutions Ltd, Journal of Architectural Conservation No. 3, November 2001

...the conscientious practitioner will find much useful material and information within one set of covers. This is not a specialist, dry, academic book but a reference document that should have a place on the shelves of not only students and practitioners but also conservators, contractors and, especially, thje responsible owner/developer..
–Architectual Technology

A detailed guide to the technical aspects of refurbishing and upgrading buildings, this book provides solutions to a range of problems, challenges and issues and is essential reading for all students studying building refurbishment at all levels. Includes:
  • existing floor and wall strengthening

  • facade retention

  • introduction of new floors

  • timber decay problems

  • fire-resistance

  • prevention of moisture and damp

  • upgrading thermal and acoustic performance.
This new edition has been fully updated to include new technological information, and covers new areas such as stonework restoration and repair, upgrading of c1960 framed buildings, refurbishment logistics and case-studies.

About the Author

Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
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