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Samba-3 by Example: Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment (2nd Edition) (Bruce Perens Open Source)


The Practical, Tested, Step-by-Step Samba-3 Guidebook Has Now Been Fully Updated!

The definitive Samba-3 guidebook has been completely updated to reflect the latest Samba releases and migration techniques. This book’s complete configuration files, step-by-step implementation instructions, network diagrams, and automated scripts make deployment a breeze—even if you've never worked with Samba before. From small office networks to enterprise environments, here are proven configurations, backed by guidance from one of the world’s most respected Samba experts, Samba Team contibutor John H. Terpstra.

This edition has added comprehensive diagnostic techniques and validation steps, as well as solutions to common implementation mistakes: everything you need to assure reliability and performance regardless of your network environment. In response to reader requests, the author has also added detailed coverage of updating existing Samba networks, as well as a practical primer on how Samba stores essential network information. Samba-3 by Example, Second Edition, covers all these scenarios, and more.

  • Deploying “no frills” servers for small, convenient networks
  • Implementing small- to-mid-sized networks using basic security
  • Implementing full-fledged enterprise network environments, with tips for enhancing availability and performance
  • Building secure, scalable networks with domain logons and roaming profiles
  • Deploying Samba in environments that utilize routers and firewalls
  • Examples that minimize desktop management requirements, using policy controls and folder redirection
  • Integrating Samba-3 with Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Active Directory domains
  • Migrating seamlessly from Windows NT 4 to Samba-3
  • Adding Samba servers as Windows domain members
  • Configuring DHCP, DNS, and OpenLDAP servers to get the most out of your Samba network
  • An example of Squid, using Windows authentication through Samba
  • Estimating server hardware, using the practical guidelines included here

If you’re a Windows network administrator responsible for deploying or managing Samba, Samba-3 by Example, Second Edition, is your indispensable resource.

CD-ROM Included

The CD-ROM contains all example configuration files, scripts, and tools covered in the book.

About the Author

John H. Terpstra is a long-time member of the global Samba Team, a loose-knit group of about thirty people who contribute regularly to Samba.

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