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The Wireless Networking Starter Kit, Second Edition

Wireless networks are becoming commonplace, but choosing and configuring the right equipment and services for the home, small offices, and the business traveler can prove frustrating. That is where you need the wide-ranging expertise of wireless mavens Adam Engst and Glenn Fleishman.

Using illustrated step-by-step instructions, in-depth discussions, and tons of tips, they help you decide what to buy, show you how to configure wireless hardware and software, and explain the best techniques for managing your connections. Whether you ¿e a novice or an experienced network administrator, you'll find the practical information you need about wireless networking.

Each book also has three coupons worth a total of $125 in discounts off regular subscriptions from three major wireless ISPs: Boingo Wireless, FatPort (Canada), and Wayport.

What's New in the Second Edition:

In its first edition, The Wireless Networking Starter Kit covered every angle of Wi-Fi and the 802.11a and b standards. In this second edition, we expanded to cover 802.11g, the latest, fastest Wi-Fi flavor, as well as these additional topics:
  • Bluetooth (background and configuring).
  • Cellular data (background and configuring).
  • Centrino laptops.
  • Ultrawideband (UWB).
  • Working with software from wireless ISPs.
  • Setting up Palm and Pocket PC handhelds with Wi-Fi.
  • Small-office networking.
  • Cameras, displays, and other unique Wi-Fi-connected gadgets. If you own the first edition, you'll want the second edition to get up to speed with the latest developments.
Overview of the Second Edition:
  • Practical advice and instructions for dozens of common wireless tasks.
  • Thorough grounding in wireless networking basics.
  • Coverage of 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, Bluetooth, cell data, and more.
  • Details tailored to Windows, Macintosh, Palm, PocketPC, and Linux users.
  • Suggestions for extending your network and linking multiple locations.
  • Real-world discussions on protecting home wireless networks from snoops.
  • Advice about how to make a small office wireless network as secure as a large corporate network.
  • Hard-won tips on finding and using wireless networks while traveling.
  • Troubleshooting advice to help you figure out sticky situations.
About the Author

Adam Engst and Glenn Fleishman are both networking wizards and veteran authors, each with numerous titles under his belt. Adam's titles include the best-selling Internet Starter Kit and, most recently, iPhoto 2 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide. He is also editor and publisher of TidBITS, one of the oldest and most-respected Internet-based newsletters, and a Macworld contributing editor. And Glenn is the editorial force behind the wireless industry's daily must-read: the Wi-Fi Networking News Web site (wifinetnews.com), as well as a regular contributor to the Seattle Times, the New York Times, Macworld, and others.

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