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WOODWORKING PLANS AND PROJECTS: Skill-Building Guide 2021 for Beginners. How to Add a Unique Touch to Your Home with Complete Step-by-Step Instructions for Inexpensive and Easy Wood Ideas


Would you like to be able to easily create a new furniture for every room of your house, by learning the best woodworking skills and following step-by-step projects even if you don’t consider yourself a carpenter?

If the answer is “YES”, then keep reading…

Woodworking is a so-called ‘whole-brain activity’, because it offers much more than just the finished project, in fact, it can help you reduce anxiety and stress, improve your mental sharpness, boost your mood, and even enhance your creative development.

This manual was written to give you all the knowledge necessary to create many different pieces of furniture that you can place in every room of your house, so you can feel proud of your abilities every time you decide to grab something from that bedside table you created, or when you use the wall-mounted desk you made with your own hands, in fact, after reading this book you’ll discover:

•     What You Will Need Before Starting, so you can prepare yourself with the appropriate safety gear and the perfect tools and equipment that you’ll need, and you can learn what are the basic terminologies, the wood joinery types, and the finishing techniques, so you can have an in-depth knowledge of this incredible skill to create whatever comes to your mind

•     Awesome Skill-Building Projects, to be able to create useful beginner projects and furniture while practicing and building your woodworking skills

•     Easy-To-Replicate Bathroom Projects, so you will be able to make something with your hands that can increase your bathroom storage, or just to make some new decor changes, like our Bathroom Cabinet Project, our Towel Ladder, and much more

•     Projects For Your Living Room or Halls, like our Sliding Bookends, our Hanging Nightstand, Our Wall-Mounted Desk, and many more, to help you create a really-livable living room

•     Kitchen Furniture Projects, so you can replace those store-bought gadgets and utensils with something custom made like our Spice Rack, our Cake Stand, our Rustic Fruit and Vegetable Crate, and many more projects

•     Super Useful Projects For Your Office, to turn your office into a gallery of your woodworking skills thanks to our Laptop Stand Project, our Piping Desk Project, and many different easy-to-make projects that will let you customize pretty much everything in your office

•     … & Much More!

You should give this manual a try, whether you already have experience in this field, or you don’t consider yourself as the best craftsman out there, because with the bits of advice and the step-by-step projects found in this book you will really be able to spend some quality time losing yourself in this almost magical world and create wonderful homemade furniture, so…

What are you waiting for? Scroll to the top of the page and click the “BUY NOW” button to grab your copy now!

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