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XML: Your Visual Blueprint for Building Expert Web Pages (With CD-ROM)

Read Less, Learn More

Welcome to the only guidebook series that takes a visual approach to professional-level computer topics. Open the book and you'll discover step-by-step screen shots that demonstrate over 100 key XML tasks, including:
  • Defining a namespace
  • Declaring Document Type Definition elements
  • Adding comments to a DTD file
  • Declaring DTD entities and notations
  • Validating a cascading style sheet
  • Creating an XLS style sheet
  • Build and XML "data island"
  • Accessing the XML Document Object Model
  • Adding an embedded XLink
Web authoring and editing tools on CD-ROM!
  • XML Notepad, Larval, and Expat
  • Shareware version of StyleMaker
  • Tryouts of XED and HomeSite 4.5 for Windows
  • Plus all code and examples from the text and a searchable e-version of the book
Extra Apply It
  • "Apply It" and "Extra" sidebars highlight useful tips
  • High-resolution screen shots demonstrate each task
  • Succinct explanations walk you through step-by-step
  • Two-page lessons break big topics into bite-sized modules
About the Author

Emily A. Vander Veer
has written several Internet-related books, including IDG Books' JavaScript For Dummies and JavaBeans For Dummies. Her work has appeared in numerous online and print publications including Byte, CNET, Object Magazine, and WEBTechniques.
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Introduction to Reactive Gas Dynamics
In the high energy gas flows, associating high velocities and high temperatures, physical and chemical processes such as molecular vibrational excitation, dissociation, ionisation or various reactions take palce and deeply influence the structure of the flows. The characteristic times of these processes have the same order of magnitude as...
RoboCup 2009: Robot Soccer World Cup XIII (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
RoboCup 2009: Robot Soccer World Cup XIII (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)

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The Joy of SOX
The Joy of SOX
"We choose to do [these] things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills."
—President John F. Kennedy, 1962

President Kennedy was speaking of going to the moon—a goal only slightly more ambitious, in the view...

Handbook of Face Recognition
Handbook of Face Recognition

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The Definitive Guide to SQLite (Expert's Voice in Open Source)
The Definitive Guide to SQLite (Expert's Voice in Open Source)

The Definitive Guide to SQLite, Second Edition is your one-stop resource for integrating one of the most advanced and innovative open source database management systems into your development projects. SQLite is freely-available and comes with an amazingly small foot print of less than 300 kilobytes for a full-blown implementation....

ASP in a Nutshell
ASP in a Nutshell

Active Server Pages (ASP) allows for powerful web application development. It is
both simple to use and, with its extensibility through ActiveX and Java components,
very powerful. But what is it? Is it a programming language? No, not exactly.
Is it a Microsoft-only rapid development platform? No, not really.

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