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Check Point Next Generation Security Administration

Check Point NG aims to teach its readers how to install and set up VPN-1/FireWall-1 Next Generation, the latest version of the highly respected firewall software from Check Point. Its authors--all with significant network and security certifications--accomplish their objective: it seems likely that this book will travel with a lot of Check Point consultants and stand ready on the shelves of many organizations' network security specialists. The book has plenty of unadorned how-to procedures that get straight to the point, and enough background information to help you make good designs and troubleshoot problems. The Syngress style, which incorporates a carefully considered list of questions and answers at the end of each chapter, suits this subject well. It's easy to locate sections of interest or to scan straight through and accumulate knowledge.

Your security requirements are unique, of course, but the authors do a good job of explaining how to satisfy common requirements and implement variations upon them. For example, they show how to configure Network Address Translation (NAT) in a general way, then--in a Q&A section--show how to combine sequentially numbered networks into a single network object for easy administration of rules. This is documentation worth having. --David Wall

Topics covered: Installation of VPN-1/FireWall-1 and setup via the graphical user interface. There's deep coverage of security policies, naturally, and of user authentication, content filtering, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and Network Address Translation (NAT). The specifics of configuring for various protocols--including RPC and LDAP--are covered well.

Unparalleled security management that IT professionals have been waiting for.
Check Point Software Technologies is the worldwide leader in securing the Internet. The company's Secure Virtual Network (SVN) architecture provides the infrastructure that enables secure and reliable Internet communications. CheckPoint recently announced a ground-breaking user interface that meets the computer industry's Internet security requirements. The Next Generation User Interface is easy to use and offers unparalleled security management capabilities by creating a visual picture of security operations.
CheckPoint Next Generation Security Administration will be a comprehensive reference to CheckPoint's newest suite of products and will contain coverage of: Next Generation User Interface, Next Generation Management, Next Generation Performance, Next Generation VPN Clients, and Next Generation Systems.
CheckPoint are a company to watch, they have captured over 50% of the VPN market and over 40% of the firewall market according to IDC Research
Over 29,000 IT professionals are CheckPont Certified
This is the first book to covers all components of CheckPoint's new suite of market-leading security products - it will be in demand!

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