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Mac OS X for Photographers: Optimized image workflow for the Mac user (Digital Workflow)

If you're a photographer using a Mac and why wouldn't you be? then you need this guide to optimizing OS X for your photography workflow.

Macs are still the hardware of choice for the cream of digital imaging experts over two million registered Mac users of Adobe Photoshop can't be wrong. Let the expert advice of Rod Wynne-Powell help you to:
* Configure your Mac for a trouble-free life from capture to output
* Speed up your photography workflow using Photoshop, Bridge and the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite
* Optimize your color management system and ensure the highest quality image results
* Save time through effective storage and retrieval of images

Years of experience dealing with digital image makers queries on a day-to-day basis means he also knows that problems can and do happen even on a Mac so this book is also packed full of vital troubleshooting advice and ways to avoid the pitfalls in the first place.

The only Mac OS X book written specifically for photographers, this unique guide to troubleshooting and working with digital images on a Mac is fully updated for the Leopard release of OS X.

Rod Wynne-Powell runs Solutions Photographic as a retoucher, trainer and consultant for digital photographers. He is an accomplished photographer and an alpha tester for Adobe Photoshop, and acts as technical checker for Martin Evenings Adobe Photoshop for Photographer, also published by Focal Press.

"A really useful book that explains how to escape from those inexplicable Mac conundrums and crashes and keep your Mac and Photoshop running sweetly."
Adam Woolfitt, photographer and author, UK

"Please send me a copy as soon as the ink is dry!"
Katrin Eismann, author, educator and 'Photoshop Diva', USA

The Digital Workflow series offers clear, highly-illustrated, in-depth, practical guides to each part of the digital workflow process. Each guide helps photographers and digital image makers to work faster, work smarter and create great images. The focus is on what the working photographer and digital image maker need to know to get the job done.

Focal Press Books: for photographers, by photographer
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