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Quicken 2006 QuickSteps

Quicken 2006 QuickSteps, 9780072262667 (0072262664), McGraw-Hill, 2005

Learn instantly from step-by-step graphics!

We know a picture is worth a thousand words--so we went heavy on pictures and light on words in this easy-to-use guide. Color screenshots and brief instructions show you how to use all the powerful features of Quicken 2006 in no time. Follow along and learn to balance checkbooks, pay bills, master online banking, track investments, create budgets, prepare for taxes, plan for college and retirement, and manage your money instead of letting it manage you. Each chapter’s “How to” list and color-coded tabs make it easy to flip straight to the tasks you need to do. Get the book that gets you started using Quicken 2006 right away.

In each chapter:

  • Shortcuts for accomplishing common tasks
  • Need-to-know facts in concise narrative
  • Helpful reminders or alternate ways of doing things
  • Bonus information related to the topic being covered
  • Errors and pitfalls to avoid
QuickSteps books are recipe books for computer users. They answer the question, “How do I . . . ?” by providing a quick set of steps to accomplish the most common tasks with a particular operating system or application. The sets of steps are the central focus of the book. QuickSteps sidebars show how to quickly perform many small functions or tasks that support the primary functions. Notes, Tips, and Cautions augment the steps, presented in a separate column to not interrupt the fl ow of the steps. The introductions are minimal rather than narrative, and numerous illustrations and fi gures, many with callouts, support the steps.

About the Author
Bobbi Sandberg is a consultant, an instructor, and a retired CPA who is recognized by Intuit as a Certified Professional Advisor. She has been a user, advocate, and trainer of Quicken since its first DOS version in the 1980s.

Marty Matthews has more than 40 years of computing experience and has written or co-authored more than 60 books, including Windows XP QuickSteps, Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 QuickSteps, and Microsoft Office Word 2003 QuickSteps.

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