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Topology for Computing (Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational Mathematics)

Written by a computer scientist for computer scientists, this book teaches topology from a computational point of view, and shows how to solve real problems that have topological aspects involving computers. Such problems arise in many areas, such as computer graphics, robotics, structural biology, and chemistry. The author starts from the basics of topology, assuming no prior exposure to the subject, and moves rapidly up to recent advances in the area, including topological persistence and hierarchical Morse complexes. Algorithms and data structures are presented when appropriate.

My goal in this book is to enable a non-specialist to grasp and participate
in current research in computational topology. Therefore, this book is not a
compilation of recent advances in the area. Rather, the book presents basic
mathematical concepts from a computer scientist’s point of view, focusing on
computational challenges and introducing algorithms and data structures when
appropriate. The book also incorporates several recent results from my doctoral
dissertation and subsequent related results in computational topology.

The primary motivation for this book is the significance and utility of topological
concepts in solving problems in computer science. These problems
arise naturally in computational geometry, graphics, robotics, structural biology,
and chemistry. Often, the questions themselves have been known and
considered by topologists.
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Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Administration
Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Administration

SQL SERVER 2012 REPRESENTS A SIZABLE jump forward in scalability, performance, and usability for the DBA, developer, and business intelligence (BI) developer. It is no longer unheard of to have 40-terabyte databases running on a SQL Server. SQL Server administration used to just be the job of a database administrator (DBA), but as SQL Server...

Teach Yourself the Basics of Aspen Plus
Teach Yourself the Basics of Aspen Plus

Aspen Plus is on of the most popular process simulation software programs used industrially and academically. Though the software is available at many corporations and universities, there are no textbooks which are dedicated to teaching the step-by-step use of the software. This book is designed to fill that need. The structure of the book is...

Pro Oracle Database 12c Administration (Expert's Voice in Oracle)
Pro Oracle Database 12c Administration (Expert's Voice in Oracle)

Pro Oracle Database 12c Administration is a book focused on results. Author Darl Kuhn draws from a well of experience over a decade deep to lay out real-world techniques that lead to success as an Oracle Database administrator. He gives clear explanations on how to perform critical tasks. He weaves in theory where necessary without...

Exploring the Last Continent: An Introduction to Antarctica
Exploring the Last Continent: An Introduction to Antarctica

This multi-disciplinary book will cater to students and those who want to have a more critical look behind the scenes of Antarctic science. This book will take a systems approach to providing insights into Antarctic ecosystems and the geophysical environment. Further, the book will link these insights to a discussion of current issues, such...

Apache Hive Essentials
Apache Hive Essentials

Immerse yourself on a fantastic journey to discover the attributes of big data by using Hive

About This Book

  • Discover how Hive can coexist and work with other tools in the Hadoop ecosystem to create big data solutions
  • Grasp the skills needed, learn the best practices, and avoid the...
Excel Dashboards and Reports
Excel Dashboards and Reports

The go to resource for how to use Excel dashboards and reports to better conceptualize data

Many Excel books do an adequate job of discussing the individual functions and tools that can be used to create an “Excel Report.” What they don’t offer is the most effective ways to present and report data. Offering...

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